Faculty of European Studies and Regional Development

Courses offered in English

Study programe offered in combination of Slovak and English language -

  • Study plan: Regional Development and Policies of the EU (Bachelor study programme)
  • Profil of graduates of Regional Development and Policies of the EU - Graduates in the study programme Regional Development and Policies of the EU are able to systematize and analyze current problems of public administration, they have basic knowledge of legislative part of public administration, and can use methods and techniques of analysis of factual problems and management methods applied in public administration. Graduates in this study programme are able to use an appropriate information database, PC, theory and practical analytical tools for information processing and preparation of land use plans and social and economic development programmes as support material for planning and decision-making processes at higher management level. They can use analytical tools for country structure planning including spatial economic structure, process and explain results professionally and suggest partial solutions.
  • Rural Development and Development of Rural Tourism (Master study programme)
  • Profil of graduates of Regional Development and Policies of the EU - In accordance with the description of the field of study 3.3.5 Public Administration and Regional Development (2nd level), graduates of the study programme Regional development and Policies of the EU have the knowledge of economic theory and policy, regional economics and politics, theories of management of public administration and public sector, administrative law, methods of analysis and management of economic and social processes. Based on the obtained knowledge, graduates are able to analyze and explain the socio-economic processes in the competence of public administration and local authorities; specify, design and implement software solutions and manage each step of the creation and implementation of programmes and projects, and identify crucial problems related to the objectives of the European regional policy and other community policies, including application of adequate instruments of its implementation. Graduates can successfully work as senior staff of departments and sections of state and local governments at the national, regional and local levels as well as professionals in the EU institutions. Furthermore, they can work in entities engaged in regional and local development (non-profit organizations, civic associations), where they are able to design and implement the development programmes and projects.